Mental health providers are welcome to join our network of providers. Tele Mental Health Services provides licensed practitioners the opportunity to be a part of an exciting transformation in the way mental health services are accessed. We provide clients with a unique service designed to quickly respond to requests for psychiatric evaluation for patients in emergency rooms and other points of service. The evaluations are performed using a software program based on clinical criteria from the DSM. The software was developed by a psychiatrist who saw a need to improve the efficiency of resources and provide a high quality assessment capable of communicating clinical information in an easy to use format. The software transforms the assessment into a narrative report. In addition the software performs an analysis of the assessment to make a reliable level of care determination. The service is performed using a secure HIPAA compliant tele-health connection. The tele-health connection is provided by Tele Mental Health Services in collaboration with the entity receiving services.

Clients can elect to arrange follow-up treatment or make an appropriate referral to another provider. Tele Mental Health Services provides continuous access to the software product for ongoing treatment free of charge. Reimbursement for evaluations is paid directly to you as an independent contractor.

If you have thought about adopting or expanding tele-health in your practice or wanted to but have run into barriers with insurance companies, this may be the vehicle to take you there. At the very least this is an opportunity to join us in fixing a broken mental health system and improve the quality of life for countless individuals needing your help.